Project Description


2021 / short film

Weathered is about a puppet manipulated by the frameworks of our fast paced society, until their inability to catch up causes time to break. Embracing the constraints this year has brought, we created a film using our flat and the immediate world around us to portray the presence of time.

The making of this film consisted of designing a fully adjustable life-size puppet, shooting in the flat where we resided, and collaborating with sound designers and choreographers.

Embracing the unpredictability of the outer world, we encountered several technical challenges. Without the use of any additional lighting, we collaborated with the cycles of the sun, woke up every morning before the sunrise and waited every evening to capture the sunsetting. Spanning from distances as far as 300 meters, we relied on the direction given via phone call in order to animate in extreme weather conditions and the crowded streets of London.